37,000 Free Beautiful Icons for Web & Android Development garudapixel 1

GarudaPixel – As a developer, we are developing our product for android application using Android Studio. There is a lot of icons that provided by Android Studio, but I have the beautiful icons for you.

Why is this really important for product? why we need to use a beautiful icon for our user-interface design app. It is because,

We judge by its cover…

We buy something that we think that product is beautiful enough. After that, we think for its functionality. It is always happen sometimes. And it is truly what happens.

So, Angga is helping us to guide us to choose the best icons for our android design app. Those icons are free and able to use for commercial project, so we don’t have to be worried.

37,000 Free Beautiful Icons for Web & Android Development garudapixel 1

If you want to know how to use those icons in the Android Studio, we suggest you to watch this video from Angga Risky.

Alright, if you see that video, those icons are able to used to mobile, website, tablet, or any design thing that you want to accomplish with. And now is time to cut your design time by using these icons in your next or existing android app design.

Download Now (Affiliate Link):

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You’ve come so far not for this only, you are still able to learn many things. So, that is why we suggest you to explore more around this blog and find what you need (not what you want). See you in the next time, Thank you.



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