GarudaPixel – Working from the scratch is much harder than using any free library that people have provided. We can easily to find what we need to fulfill our need in the Android application for the better product.

Here, we have 5 library that helps you to make your application better and beautiful than before. Those libraries are free to use for your next or existing project.

Angga Risky has to provide one video to us so that we can watch if we are lazy enough to read this full article.

5 Android Library You Should Try Out For Better App

Alerter UI

This library is giving a user a notification immediately, we can also add a button to click-to-action for the user. It is really important to have to let the user aware while they are using our product.


If you want to make the user feels happy when they are using our app, we can use this library. Because we will give an adorable thing to the user when they reached something in our app.

Bootstrap UI

Are you familiar with this one? if so, you were a web designer. Welcome to the Android development, you are still able to use this library to make the app looks like a Bootstrap.

BottomNavigation UI

User-experience design is the really important thing to be focused on. Otherwise, we will not make the user easier when they are using our app.

Here we have that library which able to arrange the daily menu use for the users.

Spotlight Tour Guide

A new user will not familiar with your new product faster, but, we have this library to make that happens. It is so easy to use for us, we just need to target those elements which are introduced to the user one-by-one.

Alright, that is all from us and hopefully useful for you next android development project. Let me know if you have something new that related to this android development tutorial.

You’ve come so far not for this only, you are still able to learn many things. So, that is why we suggest you to explore more around this blog and find what you need (not what you want). See you in the next time, Thank you.




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