Bottom Menu UI Animation Tutorial

GarudaPixel – Animation is a good thing that we have to provide in the app. The animation could explain more than images or icons. That is why we are gonna learn how do we make them in the better way.

Sketch and Flinto, yes, those tools are easy to use as a Designer or even a Developer. You don’t know yet?

Keep reading, you will understand later on, so, first of all, you have to use a Mac OS. Yeay, no more windows. Sorry, folks.

Secondly, I have been designing an user-interface design with a Sketch, so that the next step is only to animate those designs using Flinto app.

Design a Menu Bottom Navigation UI Design Animation Tutorial

If you were interesting to do a best practice, kindly download the project below so that you can easily to make an animation on it using Flinto app.

Download Project

You’ve come so far not for this only, you are still able to learn many things. So, that is why we suggest you to explore more around this blog and find what you need (not what you want). See you in the next time, Thank you.


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