Modern Dashboard UI Design Android Studio Tutorial

GarudaPixel – Designing for the user in the year 2018 must be so fancy. People are enjoying the product if there is a beautiful design within the icons inside. Now developer ask, how do we achieve that? It is easy, please read more.

If we do have a product that has many features or modules inside, we have to display the menus carefully, otherwise, the user is not able to find it and that means that that feature does not exist (they think so).

If the user could not find it, it means not exist.

Then, as a developer, we can learn a basic user-experience design while developing our product. Nowadays, there is plenty of websites that help us to find an inspiration for design and those designs do not only look beautiful, valuable either.

You can read this article if you want to know how to do that. How to get an inspiration for development. After you found an inspiration that you think is suitable for your product, then you just need to implement it with your own skills.

Here, I have a video to guide you to build a modern dashboard for an android application. This is suitable for the product which has a lot of features or modules.

Modern Dashboard UI Design Android Studio Tutorial

If you want to download the project and assets, please check the link below. Also, you can free download those icons to make your product better than before. Free 37,000 Icons for your design.

You’ve come so far not for this only, you are still able to learn many things. So, that is why we suggest you explore more around this blog and find what you need (not what you want). See you next time, Thank you.



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