UI Animation InVision Studio to Android Studio Tutorial


GarudaPixel – Animation is a great thing to have in our product, either micro-interaction or even a fancy animation. It’s just touching user’s heart while using our apps.

Back at that time, I remember that

InVision has a tool that helps us to design an animation for user-interface design by clicking a mouse or your touchpad (don’t even think about a code). Your gonna like it as a designer or developer.

After Effect comes with many tools for visual effect, but, mostly designers are still use this software to create an user-interface design that includes an animation on it. Unfortunately, no many developer knows how to implement that animation properly in the development phase.

I agree if,

An animation is hard to be implemented with a bulk of code. But, AirBnb has come with a great framework to helps developer to implementing that animation from After Effect.

It is Lottie, yes from AirBnb.

Basically, you are using JSON file that you get from Adobe After Effect. So, your designer has to install the Lottie plugin in their software to export the animation to JSON file.

Hard in the beginning, later is easier. – Angga Risky

I have one video to watch about the workflow of this method. You will understand faster rather than read an article to be understood. Hopefully so, guys :p

InVision Studio to Android Studio Tutorial

Designing a splash screen for an android application using Lottie for animation.

There is always an answer to be answered. No matter how hard is this, we just need more time to figuring out. Well, that is all. Thank you, see you in the next time.



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