3 Free Beginners UI Design Course

free ui design course

GarudaPixel.com – If you want to become an UI Designer and you don’t know anything about the UI design. My best suggestion is to take a UI Designer Course for you and you can start it from the free course. If love the course, you might take an another course that related from your course, UI design course.

I am going to share about 3 free beginners UI design course for you to help you to become an UI Designer as self-taught. These courses are free but you need to sign up first to access these course from udemy.com and I am enjoying the every course.

Take this UI design course for free. Will help you so much.

Start from Photoshop to Uber App

In this course, you will be able to learn photoshop for UI design from the scratch to make an Uber app. You will know how to use the layer, vector, shape, image, and so many things that you need to know about basic for UI design.

After learning the Photoshop CC from scratch, you will learn to design Uber app from scratch. Then you will learn color theory and typography. At last, you will learn how to earn money by freelancing.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone want to learn Photoshop CC
  • Anyone want to learn Photoshop for UI/UX design
  • Anyone want to design mobile app
  • Anyone want to learn Uber app design
  • Anyone to Build his/her Career.

Apple Watch. Good for UX.

This is a good course to learn UI and UX for your app. The Apple Watch is the most hyped product of the year and it’s on track to be in the hands of more than 25 million people. Take this course to prepare yourself to design smooth experiences and beautiful interfaces in less than a couple of hours.

In this course, we’ll go through the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines so we can understand the themes, anatomy, actionable notifications, glances, animations, and general interface principles.

I’ll teach you how to think for the Apple Watch using simplicity and functionality. Stripping down an app to its core benefits and write user stories around it. After that, we’ll design three different apps: a music player, a messaging platform, and a Udemy app for the apple watch.

And that’s not all. Once our designs are ready, we’ll create interactive prototypes to test our creations.

Who is this class for?

  • Beginners welcome! No programming experience required. I want you to quickly understand the basics and get practicing.
  • Creators. Makers. People who want to design apps. I will be teaching you how to design and prototype apps that you can share and play with.
  • UX and Mobile Designers who are new to Apple Watch and want to design for the Apple Watch like a boss.
  • Freelancers and career development professionals who want to earn money via contract work, consulting or full-time employment.
  • Entrepreneurs who have the next big idea for an app but want to first see how it feels and show it to potential partners

Learn how to make a Wireframe

Before you are going to learn UI design or making an app. You should know about wireframe first to help you organize your design by using the Balsamiq. It’s a free online tool but if you need the good features you can upgrade to paid account.

Are you a developer, product manager, designer or simply someone with an idea for a new website, mobile or desktop application? Take your career to the next level and make sure your ideas are understood by learning Balsamiq Mockups, the most fun, most loved wireframing tool on the market. In this course, you will learn the basics of Balsamiq Mockups, and create a sample application from idea to finished design.

If you work in the software industry you can benefit from this course by learning about creating wireframes for visual ideation, improved communication across disciples, and a better overall user experience. No prerequisites or expensive tools required.

After taking this step-by-step course you will be able to use Balsamiq Mockups to explore different user interface ideas and convey them to other stakeholders quickly and effectively.

So, I hope these courses (UI design course) will help you to become an UI designer. I have learned this course and here I am. I am sorry to bad English, but I bet you can still understand what I mean. Regards, GarudaPixel.com