7 UI/UX Prototyping Tools Best Ever

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GarudaPixel.com – As UI or UX designer, we need the app that helps us to make a good UI design and allows us to make a basic flowchart to ensure our app working properly (Prototype method). I wanna share 7 UI or UX Prototyping tools that I have used for my recent project to working together with my best team ever.

Keep it mind, every tools has big different and you can compare each tool one-by-one by yourself and you will get the best tool which compatible for your current project or further. So, here we go.

Best for UI/UX Prototyping Tools:

Sketch App & Craft Plugin

Yes, Sketch app is an app to make a UI design and it’s easy-to-use than Photoshop. Sketch has many templates that you can use it for your project and being consistently for the guidelines of the iOS and Android.

Craft plugin helps Sketch app to make your design into prototype, and if you want to see the final result, you can go to the invisionapp and share it with your college or friends or client.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is big different from the Sketch app, we will get the feature which it’s called Prototype built-in from the Adobe XD and we don’t need any plugin again like we do in Sketch app.


In this app, you can design for UI and make it live by using the prototype feature (built-in) without any plugin requires. You will get a templates and components for iOS and Android. If you are using Windows or Mac, you can get this app and this app is compatible for Windows and Mac.

Balsamiq Mockup

This app is very good for UX designer, especially if you are working for design-sprint and you only have a few minutes to make a prototype. It’s easy, you will get components from this app and just drag and drop into your device.


Are you UI interaction designer? do you love an animation in UI Design? Flinto helps you to make your dream come true, this app easy-to-use, there is basic transition for the animation for UI design, or you can make it (custom transition) by using your creativity.

Framer JS

Who loves programming language? here we can make the prototype by using JavaScript programming language. Absolutely, by using the JavaScript we can make a custom animation based on our needs. But, it’s hardly if you don’t know about JavaScript. OMG 🙂

Origami Studio

What a beautiful app made by Facebook Design Team. You can make a prototype and animation here easily, just import your Sketch app file into this app and execute. You will know how the Facebook’s interaction works in this app.

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