Is DJI Spark useful for Designer?

dji spark for designer – DJI just launched their new product and it’s called Spark, it’s a drone which is a small size and you can put it into your pocket (just like an iPhone 6s). So, is this worth for Designer?

If we are talking about Designer, there is so many designers (not only for UI designer), if you are graphic dsigner or video editor which is working for video project, this DJI Spark would be very useful for you, guys.

You can take a footage for your project without worry about cameraman or remote controller, because this DJI Spark could fly automatically and you can control this drone with your hands.

Your task is only to find a good spot and take the beautiful place for your project in design, by example if you are designing travel website design, you will need the video for demo content and take a picture for gallery, we need DJI spark 🙂

Well, I hope we can buy this DJI spark to make our design better and get a new experience for working in video editor for website design.