How To Starting New App Design Project

app design – Starting New App Design for Beginners. A step-by-step to starting new app design project in the sketch app for UI designer or Website designer. This is a good way to keep your project organized, if you have a missing assets and you wouldn’t be panic. By organizing your design project it’s helps to make you keep consistent while designing some pages of the app.

Basiclly, the first thing you need to do is creating a new project file and create the sub-directory for every single assets or vendor. I have downloaded the assets which is icons, images, and fonts, I put them into my assets and make the developer easy to find our assets for their app.

You can prepare the asset here from every website that I have listed in the below of this paragraph. Here you will get free UI design course, please to read carefully.

Get Easy to Starting New App Design

Icons from

You can download the free icons or paid icons from this website, you can also use this free icons for commercial project but rememember that you need to keep the license as well as your credit of project.

Images from

There is so many images that you can download for free and free copyright, when you need the images for the office, building, house, village, etc. Keep it mind, write the to your credit in the project.

Fonts from Google Fonts

How to get the best font for our project? this website from google will help you to find a popular font or good font for UI design, especially for Website design. You just need go to google font and you will get many fonts there.

Colors palette from Coolors Co

If you are new in this field, you might blind about colors. So, I give you a good choice to use the good color from this website to get a palette color. It’s easy-to-use, you just need go to the website and press generate.

Grid system from Framework

Every framework has different for grid system, you need to clarify by asking to your developer about the framework. By example, we will use Bootstrap framework, we need to find the grid system for Bootstrap framework in the official site or another site. Then, we can make it into our app.

All of these tips good for beginner who wants to learn better in design project, if you are an expert, i think you don’t need this article so you can skip this. Thank you.